Future of Maritime will examine emerging technologies and the future needs of shipowners and managers, address the trends in crewing and how crew will interact with the technologies. The conference objective is to foster a greater understanding of emerging technologies and their interaction with people, as well as the implication for business owners. It will bring all stakeholders in the industry together for a meaningful discussion.

The conference will address:

  • What are the main barriers to technological and digital transformation in the industry?
  • How do you prioritise what will be digitised or automated and when?
  • What regulations are emerging to govern new technology?
  • A glimpse into shipping’s ‘connected’ future – How to make the most out of IoT and Blockchain Technology
  • How do we ensure the continued improvement in seafarer standards in a rapidly evolving industry?
  • What will the impact of autonomous ships be on the need for crew in the future?
  • Assessing the future strengthening of the ship shore relationship in conjunction with new technology.

This is a must attend event for shipowners/managers, digital/emerging technology solution providers, maritime lawyers and many more who want to discuss the impact that new technology will have on the industry, and the opportunities that are available for all industry stakeholders.

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