At Beacon, our events are independent and industry focused.  We will only go to market with an event once we are satisfied with the research validation with our target audience.  Each event is thoroughly researched with no less than 150 senior executives and experts from the target industry.  In addition, we research with relevant regulators, government agencies and international regulatory bodies as well as professional institutes and associations to ensure we have covered the topics that are impacting the industry today.

Once a programme is carefully crafted, we will invite our panel of speakers which we balance with  a combination of industry experts and executives who know the key challenges and opportunities facing the industry with government, regulatory and legal representatives, consultants, service providers  and technology companies wherever applicable.   We look to sponsors when their message adds value to the debate and credence to the subject matter.

Our methodology is not dissimilar to investigative journalism and detailed market research. We ask critical questions of our target audience and leave no stone unturned. The end-result will be a market-driven industry-led event packed with informative, solution-led sessions which spark debate and discussion.

Our belief in creating an environment and a platform that induces networking and one-to-one interactions often leads to important business deals between participants at our events.

We often collaborate with governments, industry associations and professional bodies but we will insist on providing an independent event and our partners understand the value of our approach.

Market drive and independently researched events — this is the cornerstone of the success of Beacon Events